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Final Assignment; Abstract


In producing oil from oilfield, several steps are required. The first step is the primary recovery, which produces oil by naturally flowing with the existing reservoir pressure. At this stage begins with the completion of new wells. After the primary recovery, the next stage is the secondary recovery, that the usual method in this stage is waterflood. Waterflood can increases oil recovery two times higher than natural oil production.

Both two stages above also include all systems of artificial lift methods, for example sucker rod pump. Sucker rod pump has many advantages : rate of production can be arranged with ease, able to work on a low reservoir pressure, maintenance easy, and has a long life. Because of this advantages, sucker rod pump artificial lift method is the most widely used in the world that is about 65%.

In this final assignment  writer choose the best production scenario to obtain maximum economic benefit to the secondary stage of recovery. Writer use sucker rod pump for artificial lift method, and well production operating system by using fivespot pattern. So it is necessary to determine when to begin to use artificial lift method and when to begin to do waterflood. In the selecting production scenario, writer use integrated optimization method involve all of the existing sub-systems from reservoir to surface facilities network.

Keywords: Sucker rod pump, waterflood, production optimization, integrated optimization.

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